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9922 Walker Street Suite G

Cypress, CA 90630

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tel. (714) 821-8645

Happy Year of the Dog!

We appreciate your support!


    2018 is Year of the Dog!

In Asia, one of 12 animals is assigned to each year.

Good News for Helath Insurance holders!

From 2014, Health Insurance(Obamacare)

covers acupuncture treatment.

Call and ask your insurance company!

Any offer expired on 12/31/2017!

Auto Injury?

We can help!!

Good News for Kaiser patients!

Kaiser patients with an approved referral can select an acupuncture provider and receive a trial of five(5) treatments.

     Got Insurance?

1. Call Insurance Company

   Ask if your plan covers acupuncture

2. Ask Coverage

   Ask in-network or out-of-network rate

   Ask deductible

   Ask the number of treatments in a year

3. Call us to make an appointment